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Hello Fellow Rotarians,

We had an amazing turnout for our 5-club combined District Governor’s dinner last Wednesday night at the Elks Lodge.  District Governor Don Casper provided a very inspirational talk about how and why Rotarians serve in their communities, serving as our special keynote speaker. He added to his presentation how impressed he was with the turnout from our Rotary Life Students. The entire District Staff that was present all shared that they didn’t know all that was being done with students in San Bernardino High Schools through Rotary Life, and were very impressed and proud of what is being accomplished.  So, a BIG thank you to Tawnya & Ed Hensley, Kevin & Carrie Gilbreth and newbie sponsors Lindsay Cobaugh and Shirley Jean, with her cousin Latasha Amie, who were all there with their Rotary Life students Wednesday night. Also, thanks to Teresa Craig and the work she is doing with the (now) Senior Class students. Teresa wasn’t able to make it, but some of her students were there.
DON’T FORGET!....The Elks Lodge is closed this Tuesday and we are meeting at The Mexico Café at Noon. It is located at 892 E. Highland Ave, just a few blocks west of the Elks Lodge. See you there! 

President, David Hahn 2022-2023
Rotary Club of Downtown San Bernardino


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Featured Presenter

DeMarco Washington

DeMarco Washington was born in Lynwood, CA, and attended Brentwood Elementary School and University Preparatory in Victorville. During Junior High and High School at U.P., he played nearly every sport that was available but his highlight sports were baseball and football. DeMarco was given the title of "fastest baserunner in the nation" by one of his favorite coaches. In his junior year, DeMarco hit the first home run in baseball history for U.P. and appeared in the Victorville papers a number of times for his athletic talents. DeMarco is a fitness enthusiast and not only builds himself but coaches others in reaching their fitness goals as well. 
After graduating high school in 2013, DeMarco attended CSUSB.  There, Demarco participated in various leadership positions assisting students and staff alike including service as a Student Mentor, Coyote First Step Staff, Resident Assistant, and SOAR Leader. DeMarco majored in I/O Psychology and also constructed research data as a sophomore from Inland Empire businesses. Following his graduation from college in 2018, DeMarco obtained his EMT license and started his career in the Fire Service. 
DeMarco is also the Chief Executive Officer of Gaming Community Establishment, LLC.  His company focuses on hosting video game competition tournaments around the world. In this role, DeMarco began getting involved with schools and other local businesses to bring children and communities together. DeMarco is also involved with Red Management Entertainment where he schedules, manages calls to artists and manages events for shows at various venues across California. DeMarco is a recognized mentor and a leader throughout the state and serves as a member of the NAACP. 

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