President's Message

Hello Fellow Rotarians,

At our last meeting, we were treated to another wonderful presentation by Lydie Gutfeld, Director of the City of San Bernardino Parks and Recreation Department.  Lydie provided us with interesting details about the work currently being performed by her team to beautify and improve existing park facilities through capital improvement projects.  She also discussed upcoming plans including the redevelopment of Seccombe Lake Park in downtown San Bernardino and a modernization of the historic 1934 Roosevelt Bowl in Perris Hill Park.  Lydie has a wealth of knowledge and experience in her field and has a successful track record of building new and innovative park facilities and recreation programs in collaboration with public service organizations.  We look forward to great things ahead with our parks!


Club Assembly

Our next meeting will be our annual Club Assembly, which will be held during our regular Tuesday session.  This will be a very important gathering and I sincerely hope that all club members can attend to make their voices heard.  We will be discussing important topics including what club members want out of their Rotary membership, establishing our club’s goals and objectives for the new Rotary year, and committing to actions we can take as a club to better serve the community in the best Rotary spirit.

To kick us off for this event, I’d like to ask everyone to consider the following questions, which we will discuss and further develop during our Club Assembly on Tuesday:
  1. Why are you a member of Rotary?

  2. What do you want to get out of your Rotary membership?

  3. What is your passion and how can Rotary help to fulfill that passion?

  4. Have you had your Rotary “WOW” moment when your dedication to Rotary service became solidified?  If not, how can we make that happen?

  5. What will your service commitment be to Rotary this year?

  6. What club events are most meaningful to you?

  7. Can you help our club achieve 100% support of the “Every Rotarian, Every Year” fundraising mission?

  8. Are you satisfied with our club’s meeting format and location?

  9. What are your ideas to improve our club?


Board Meeting

We will have a Board Meeting at the conclusion of our Club Assembly on Tuesday.  This session will cover a few regular topics including a brief club and foundation financial update.  However, our agenda will remain somewhat fluid so that the Board can follow-up on any unresolved items discussed during the Club Assembly.  As a reminder, all club members are invited and encouraged to attend the open session of every Board Meeting.  


Thank You

I’d like to thank everyone for your continued investment and commitment to the mission of Rotary, and I’d like to thank you in advance for helping to make the Club Assembly and this new Rotary year a success for our great club!

President, Brian Pellis 2023-2024
Rotary Club of Downtown San Bernardino


I’m proud to say that our club is a fantastic mix of amazing service-oriented people who come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds with shared goals of friendship, humanitarian service, encouragement of ethical standards, and the advancement of goodwill and peace around the world.  When we work together, as depicted in this photo of Rotarians (Phyllis Kates, Tawnya Hensley, Ed Hensley, and Brian Pellis), Rotary Life students, and friends installing our newest Rotary Peace Pole in our local park, we can achieve great things!  Please bring your best ideas to the Club Assembly and let’s work together to make this another great year! - Brian Pellis

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