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Hello Fellow Rotarians,

Thank you to all members who attended our annual Club Assembly last Tuesday.  We had a lot of important information to cover in a very short period of time, and our meeting went into double overtime!  Nevertheless, we had a very productive session and got a lot of great ideas on the table for the coming year.  For those who were not in attendance, you are in luck!  We have not finalized our club goals or service project(s) for the year, so we will continue our Club Assembly discussion on those items at a future meeting.  With that said, if anyone has any additional service projects in mind that you would like to propose, please let me know as soon as possible.

During our regular meeting this coming Tuesday, we will be having our annual Demotion Ceremony honoring Past President David Hahn and the wonderful work he did for our Club during the 2022-2023 Rotary year.  Our superlative Social Committee (Phyllis Kates, Terri Relf, Sheila McDevitt, and Brad White) has a fun and entertaining event planned that you will NOT want to miss!  I'm sad to report that I will be out of state on Tuesday and can't be there to help celebrate this fantastic occasion.  Rest assured, you are in great hands with President-Elect Darcy McNaboe, who has graciously agreed to fill in for me during my brief absence. 
Our recent Club Assembly served as a reminder to me of how proud I am to be a Rotarian and a member of the great Rotary Club of San Bernardino! Our club has a long and marvelous service history as a result of the hard work of our amazing and dedicated members, past and present.  I want to see us build on those past successes this year as we continue to place "service above self."  Although we may not be the biggest club in our District, we should always strive to be the very best.  I leave you with this beautiful quote and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.
President, Brian Pellis 2023-2024
Rotary Club of Downtown San Bernardino



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Attention San Bernardino Rotarians,
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Rotary Fun Fact - Membership Month

Did you know that August is Rotary Membership and Extension Month?  This is a great time to seek new members and foster growth of our amazing organization!  
Rotary bylaws outline the procedure for a prospective member to be proposed for club membership. The "proposer" or "sponsor" is a key person in the growth and advancement of Rotary. Without a sponsor, an individual will never have the opportunity to become a Rotarian.

The task of the proposer or sponsor should not end merely by submitting a name to the club president or membership committee. While Rotary has not established formal responsibilities for proposers or sponsors, by custom and tradition certain procedures are recommended:

1. Invite a prospective member to several meetings prior to proposing the individual for membership.
2. Accompany the prospective new member to one or more orientation/informational meetings.
3. Introduce the new member to other club members each week for the first month.
4. Invite the new member to accompany the sponsor to neighboring clubs for the first make-up meeting to learn the process and observe the spirit of fellowship.
5. Ask the new member and spouse to accompany the sponsor to any club social activities, dinners, or other special occasions.
6. Urge the new member and spouse to attend the district conference with the sponsor.
7. Serve as a special friend to assure that the new member becomes an active Rotarian.

When the proposer/sponsor follows these guidelines, Rotary becomes stronger with each new member.  We are all encouraged to think of one or more friends, neighbors, or colleagues to invite to a Rotary meeting to begin the process towards membership and share the wonderful experience of being a Rotarian.

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