Two weeks ago Clifton Peters, local attorney, presented an overview of the foundation that supports our San Bernardino Public Libraries. Funded by gifts and donations, it currently has a list of $69,194 in funded and proposed projects for 2014/2015. These range from an eBook and Audio Book program ($19,200), to an electronic course in Opposing Viewpoints ($2,624.51, to tutoring programs for all levels of students ($5,250).
Peters opened the program by walking around the room and introducing each member by name which he had learned by shaking hands with each member as they came into the meeting – a pretty impressive memory feat. Then he proceed to tell about the founding of rotary and about our major service projects, again all from memory.
The San Bernardino City Library Foundation is dependent upon fund raisers and donations for its work. It not only deals with materials and programming; it also supports equipment and capital improvements in the library system.
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