Rotary Life Scholars with help from Sheila, Ed, and Linda worked hard on Saturday to help feed the homeless and the 40,000 in San Bernardino who do not have a secure source of food. Here they are at Helping Hands Pantry warehouse
Sorting among discards for good food:
Packing food into sacks for distribution:
The finished product;
Helping Hands feeds 7,000 to 10,000 people each week from their distribution center at San Bernardino Airport. In addition to food for the needy at the airport, they provide food for the homeless from a truck that makes field stops from here to Redlands. They also have programs for local students in grade school through university graduate school levels. And they organize a distribution of USDA provided food once each month.
I am sure Linda will tell us much more about the event and have better pictures to publish in our next Orange Peal.